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preussen: Hello, I just joined here 8) Sept 16, 2017 11:31:14 GMT -8
bastian: Hi lads, Aug 31, 2017 1:19:42 GMT -8
myisolex1: 10.rorkes drift Aug 11, 2017 10:28:47 GMT -8
chauvesouris: I'm waiting for Pär's solo album. He sings in English. Maybe he will tour in Germany. :) Aug 10, 2017 6:38:15 GMT -8
the ChooK: Raubtier rules. >8) Aug 2, 2017 22:30:25 GMT -8
chauvesouris: I'm a huge fan of Raubtier. Unfortunately they only sing in Swedish. So no chance to see them live in Germany. :'( Jul 12, 2017 5:56:11 GMT -8
regulus: What do you guys think about Raubtier? Jul 11, 2017 18:14:38 GMT -8
isu: Oh, i thought that is going to post editor, not shoutbox :D Jul 2, 2017 12:18:50 GMT -8
isu: Hello. I would to hear something about hard history of Pacific region - asian version of Auschwitz - Unit 731, because of controversions and victims who deserves for memory of them. Jul 2, 2017 12:17:08 GMT -8
scoop: hello all, these guys should wright music for the game: world of tanks :) i would win every battle :p Jun 30, 2017 10:19:21 GMT -8
Spitfire: Your friend can thank me for not getting to go to the show then May 18, 2017 9:50:18 GMT -8
steelsings: Bubba, tickets for El Corazon were available through the Vault, but they sold out crazy fast, especially the VIP tickets were gone in a blink. A friend of ours who didn't have tickets got in because of two no-shows that bought tix through the Vault May 18, 2017 5:43:42 GMT -8
grindrake: Was at the Vogue in Vancouver last night. Surprised to see how Vancouverites party on a Sunday? :D This was a fantastic show, the band was extremely tight! Much better than last year at the Orpheum with Nightwish. 11 out of 5 stars. thanks! May 8, 2017 19:41:42 GMT -8 *
bubba: Thanks Chris... I have never seen them go on sale. Watched el corazon in Seattle sell out and they were never available through the vault. Bought tickets for Vogue BC and still no VIP available. May 4, 2017 13:43:45 GMT -8
Chris: Bubba, you can purchase them from Enter The Vault if they are still available for your city May 4, 2017 6:13:44 GMT -8
bubba: Ok - Where do I purchased VIP Tickets? I don't seem them on sale for the event? May 3, 2017 12:02:59 GMT -8
cmcgarry1: I'm seeing them in Anaheim. Apr 27, 2017 8:50:44 GMT -8
0xshedevilx0: I'll be hitting the Toronto show tomorrow night with VIP tickets. Very excited to see them again, it's been since 2014 when they toured with Nightwish. I'll let everyone know how it goes for sure! Apr 26, 2017 5:01:24 GMT -8
sjorven4: @spitfire cool I would love to see it if you have any chance you can contact me through facebook Sjorven Van Brempt or mail Mar 6, 2017 10:27:18 GMT -8
powermetallpenguin: true. but not much conversation either here, isn't it? ;) Mar 4, 2017 15:13:45 GMT -8