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2019 Hellfest - the three singers :)

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 11:33
by Barthalo
I haven't been to Hellfest/ Knotfest this year, but as far as you can read all across the WWW it was a very special event for Sabaton and the fans.

The band was planned for Knotfest on Thursday and did their festival show there. At the next day Hellfest started at the same location and another band (I do not mention the name at all) decide not to play at Hellfest, so all in a sudden a Headliner slot was open.
Thinking of the fans Sabaton jumped in and played an even longer gig than played at Knotfest. So this alone was a great move done by "our" band to please all the metal fans. But the story goes even further.

Due to vocal problems Joakim could not sing, so Chris and Tommy took over. I found some examples on youtube here:

So what do you thing of these two songs with the new singers?

I personally liked them a lot, do not get me wrong, Joakim is the voice of Sabaton. But I think Chris' "growling" style fits really good to Night Witches and Tommy's voice is perfect for "The lost Batallion".
I would really love it, if they switch vocals or these songs, or what do you think?

Re: 2019 Hellfest - the three singers :)

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 12:39
by Nika7734
I also loved it! But my daughter (3 years old) was so afraid that Joakim won't sing at all anymore! 🤣

Re: 2019 Hellfest - the three singers :)

Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 23:05
by Nina
Yeah, the "new" vocals sound good! I would like to hear more, and maybe they could record something in the studio for the next album?

I know Tommy has his own band, but that's totally different style of music.