Sweden Rock Festival 2020 postponed

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Sweden Rock Festival 2020 postponed

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Due to covid-19 pandemic, Sweden Rock Festival, announced that they are postponing this year’s festival SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2020 CANCELLED Quote, Sweden Rock Festival: “In the last few weeks we have been working hard investigating the possibilities to reschedule the 2020 festival from June to the end of the summer. For a while it looked doable, as we received a very positive response to the plan from artists, suppliers and collaborators. However, due to the unprecedented situation it has now become clear that cancelling is unavoidable. Instead we are now focusing our efforts towards 2021. For many of you, our visitors, Sweden Rock Festival is one of the highlights of the year. The festival is also of great importance to a number of others, such as crew staff, suppliers, partners, associations, camp sites, hotels and more. A lot of people have been working hard for a very long time to prepare for another sold out event. Hence, we put a lot of energy and time into exploring alternative options. We are now taking all that hard work and enthusiasm and putting it towards 9-12 June 2021. We promise to make next year’s festival the best one ever!” Image Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and wash your hands Click here for Sweden Rock Festival homepage The post Sweden Rock Festival 2020 postponed appeared first on Stargazed Magazine.

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