Pure Sabaton gigs, festivals, or both?

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Pure Sabaton gigs, festivals, or both?

Post by Barthalo »

Well, let's put the Sabaton festival aside here (because there is only one answer possible, after all 😉), but let's deal with the other festivals.

How about you, do you prefer the festivals with Sabaton, or do you rather go to a Sabaton concert (with support of course)?

Why do I ask? Joakim mentioned in an interview listed in another section, that there will be European Sabaton concerts, but they cannot announce it now, because of restrictions by festival promoters.

Don't get me wrong, I do not want to blame here anyone, that we still do not know any of the European shows, I am just curious what do you think.
To me there is no difference. I am not a fan of multi days festivals, for one because I am not the camping type and furthermore I feel too old for several days in the mud. Do not get me wrong I watch the festival streams each summer and enjoy the gigs.
And beside the comfy bed thing, there is another thing. I like to stay as close to stage as possible, so this would mean to me, that I have to stay at (or at least near the barrier) in the early morning and although I am very open minded about music, I do not like every artist, so this would be a hard day for me and I would probably be too exhausted to enjoy Sabaton as much as they deserve.

So I would not attend a festival, even if Sabaton and other favorite bands are playing. On the other hand I would love to see as much concerts as possible, so the sooner I know the dates of the "normal" concerts, I can start planning my visits.

Thats why I am curious, what you think, would you rather skip a festival when you know that Sabaton will play approximately half a year later a concert gig, would you only go to the festival or would you do both?

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Re: Pure Sabaton gigs, festivals, or both?

Post by Warrkan7734 »

I've been on one festival in Finland, I came there because of Sabaton and it was really cool. I love Finland and finns. That's why I enjoyed that show. But in general I prefer only Sabaton's show. 1. Full Setlist. 2. It's more comfortable.

I think they will play in Euroupe this winter and I hope to visit Finland again )
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Re: Pure Sabaton gigs, festivals, or both?

Post by Milichup »

Pure shows.

I agree with your reasons so I will just add one more thing:

There are more people who are real fans and will truly enjoy the concert. On festivals, more people are there just out of curiosity and you can see they are bored/came only because of Primo Victoria, which can ruin the atmosphere a little bit. A great thing for getting new fans, but not so good for people how are already familiar with the band.

I don't have much experience, I saw them only on Exit festival (It's not fully metal, only one stage out of 15 or something like that).

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