Stone Temple Pilots – Perdida

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Stone Temple Pilots – Perdida

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7/10 28 years ago, Stone Temple Pilots released their debut album “Core”. A lot has happened since then. It is never easy for a band to evolve. Most of the times, fans don’t seem eager for their favourite bands to change styles. They want their best-loved album to be repeated time after time. Just look at Metallica and their fans as an example. How many fans wouldn’t like another “Master of puppets” or “Ride the lightning” album? I know I definitely would, but let’s face it, it will never happen as the bands wants to evolve. They want to record new stuff, change things, play harder/softer/slower/whatever. They wanna play new songs live and why not. Don’t take this as a warning, but be prepared for some new stuff and new music routes.
Is this a new “Core”?
Is there another “Plush” or hit on here?
Who knows? Originating out of San Diego, Stone Temple Pilots started their career way back in 1989, and are widely regarded to be a part of the grunge scene even though they weren’t from Seattle. Stone Temple Pilots (STP) started with brothers Dean Deleo (guitar) and Robert Deleo (bass), drummer Eric Kretz and singer Scott Weiland. They remained together until 2013. The band then had a short stout with singer Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) that lasted two years. In 2017 the band held an audition and they chose Jeff Gutt as their new singer. The new album (released February the 7th) is called “Perdida”, which is spanish and translates to “loss”. It deals with sorrow, heartbrakes and of embracing the darkness surrounding us. It was rumoured to be all acoustic, but it is not. It is however, a very laidback record with all tunes being of the folky kind (flutes!), with loads of mellow acoustic guitars (sometimes even spanish ones), smooth bass lines and tasteful drums. Old fans might think this is slow and dull, but the truth is, Stone Temple Pilots deserve to be heard, and not just a fast playthrough. They deserve to be listened to, because this is a good album! They have released three tracks before hand, the album named track “Perdida”, a very cinematic song based on acoustic guitars, bass and strings, “Three wishes” and “Fare thee well” two very familiar Stone Temple Pilots sounding tunes that takes you back in time, to slower tracks on earlier albums such as “Core” and “Purple”. Stone Temple Pilots-Fare thee well (Official video) ... ode=opaque
The rest of the album is in the same vein (some old fan might say that’s sadly so). It is however a very well put together album and the song writing is strong with many tunes that you’ll quickly sing-a-long to. Best song on here is “Sunburst”, a wonderful piece that according to me sounds very much like a Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) song. Such a beautiful way to end an album! Another great one is “I didn’t know the time”. “Perdida” is their 8th studio album. Their first album “Core” was a big success and was as high as No.3 on the Billboard Albums Chart. It contained hits like “Plush”, “Creep”, “Wicked garden” and “Sex type thing”. Stone Temple Pilots-Plush (Official video) ... ode=opaque
2nd album “Purple” was completed in just a month and sold over three million copies in a few months time. It contained hits like “Vasoline”, “Big empty” and “Interstate love song”. Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song (Official HD Music Video) ... ode=opaque
Stone Temple Pilots has had 16 top ten singles on the Billboard rock charts, with eight of them in 1st place. They won a Grammy for the song “Plush” from the album “Core” and VH1 ranked them at place 40 on “The 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”. They have sold over 40 million albums worldwide and have toured with bands like “The Red Hot Chili Peppers”, “Megadeth”, “Linkin Park” and “Rage Against The Machine”. Sadly original singer Scott Weiland passed away in december 2015 while on tour with his band “The Wildhearts” and Chester Bennington died in 2017. “Perdida will split STP fans. Some will hate it and some will love it. “Perida” is available on vinyl, cd and various streaming platforms. Image ... NMAQ_25Omg
Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Title: Perdida
Label: Rhino
Date of release: 2020-02-07
Rating: 7/10
Stand out track: Sunburst Stone Temple Pilots will be on tour during 2020 in:
And a summer tour together with Nickelback in:
June/July/August/September-USA Stone Temple Pilots are:
Dean Deleo (guitar)
Robert Deleo (bass)
Eric Kretz (drums)
Jeff Gutt (vocals) The post Stone Temple Pilots – Perdida appeared first on Stargazed Magazine.

Source: ... s-perdida/

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