Green Day – Father Of All…

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Green Day – Father Of All…

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10/10 Seriously, I never thought Green Day would make it from “Basket Case” back in the 90’s. I was dead wrong. Decades later Green Day place themselves with bands like Rammstein and Muse. Bands that have become so much bigger than their own genre. Bands that have something to say, a single or two on the charts and last but not least, all of them are blessed with an air-tight rhythm section. With rhythm and melody – what could go wrong? On “Father of all…” we meet a Green Day in excellent shape. They kick start it all with the title track and then there’s no rest until “Grafitia” nine songs later. In between they take me through a bizarre version of the 50’s with “Stab You in the Heart”, the 60’s on dope in “Meet Me at the Rooftop” and the Hives clone in “Fire, Ready, Aim”. The hits are on parade here with “Oh yeah” and “Junkies on a High” as the icing of this very American cake. Most of the tracks seldom exceeds three minutes. No intros. No bullshit. Just the way it should be. This is, could be, the (party)rock album of the year. Composition, arrangement, production and performance – Green Day have got all their ducks in a row on “Father of all…”. I bow my head. I am impressed. Image ... chYyqxMhMw
Band: Green Day
Title: Father of all…
Label: Reprise Records
Date of release: 7/2-10
Rate: 10/10
Stand out tracks: Meet Me on the Roof, Junkies on a High The post Green Day – Father Of All… appeared first on Stargazed Magazine.


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