Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic

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Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic

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7/10 So, an introduction to Disco-Thrash I take it?
Very catchy album indeed. For most thrash bands I think you can place in 2 different compartments. Either the happy go lucky, like Anthrax. Or the raw, aggressive kill all like for example Slayer. This Annihilator album slots quite easy into compartment number 1. I feel that most of the songs are easy to dance to. I do want to shake my booty a bit, with some moderate headbanging as a side order. This is by no means a bad thing. Thrash can be a happy form of letting go. If nothing else, letting go to a bit of thrash will make you happy. The song that represents that the most on the album is “Psycho Ward”. A very catchy song that reminds me of many things, but not so much hard music. It is a good song, midtempo really. Nice verse, singalong friendly throughout. Then comes the bridge and I find myself thinking if I changed song to “Message In A Bottle” by the Police. The guitar is so similar. Some of the songs do have guitars much resembling to what you would hear more commonly in progressive metal. Pleasant surprise and it fits with the songs. This Annihilator album is thrash, no question about it. “Out With The Garbage” will give you whiplash, tempo is nice and fast, drums heavy and nice riff to it. My favorite song on the album is “Dressed Up For Evil”. Nice tempo changes, lovely riff changes and a solid straightforward song in total. When it unleashes in the solo it just makes you happy. The sound on this album is to me fat and proper. And clean. Not so razor-sharp guitars, but they do not need to be. Drums have weight on them and leads the music forward. Jeff Waters voice is appealing to. Fits the music and to me, his different approach to different songs is seamless and not forced by any means. To quickly sum up the experience of this album in a few words, I would call it: enjoyable, dance friendly and good quality entertainment. Image ... 7Nuzz8Huwg
Band: Annihilator
Title: Ballistic, Sadistic
Label: Silver Lining/Warner
Date of release: 2020-01-24
Rating: 7/10
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