Serenity – The Last Knight

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Serenity – The Last Knight

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5/10 Serenity is a band from Austria that I discovered back in 2008 when they released their terrific album “Fallen Sanctuary” that blew me away back then. With their style of symphonic power metal they have made some really solid albums during the years and now they are back with a brand new album. The albumopener is an (surprise surprise!) instrumental bombastic intro which also is the titletrack. This track reveales that we yet again have another symphonic album with a huge production and that is exactly what we get. Every song on this album is symphonic and melodic with a huge chorus. This should be a good thing but none of that matters if the songs have no souls. There are some tracks I really enjoy here like “My Kingdom Come” and “Down to Hell” but the feeling of “I have heard it all before” comes to me over and over again. The production is awesome and I really like most of it but there aren’t any outstanding songs here like “Velatum” or “Age of Glory” from previous albums and the lack of suprises keeps me in a dissapointing mood. I think the singer Georg Neuhauser has an enjoyable voice. I used to have some problems with his accent sometimes but it is way better this time and that is a very good thing. Sorry guys, this is a descent album but I know you can do better than this! Image ... DsEMUKdoCw
Artist: Serenity
Title: The Last Knight
Label: Napalm Records
Date of release: 31/1-20
Rating: 5/10
Length: 47 minutes
Stand out tracks: “Down to Hell”   The post Serenity – The Last Knight appeared first on Stargazed Magazine.


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