Crematory remains Unbroken

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Crematory remains Unbroken

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ImagePhoto credit: Stefan Heilemann
Felix Stass – Lead Vocals
Markus Jüllich – Drums
Katrin Jüllich – Keyboards
Rolf Munkes – Lead Guitar
Connie Andreszka – Guitars, Vocals
Jason Matthias – Bass As previously reported here at Stargazed Magazine, the goth metal pioneers Crematory will release their fifteenth album, “Unbroken”, on March 6th via Napalm Records. Along with a flashing and energetic music video, the monarchs of the night enter their manifestation of autonomy with the second single and title track “Unbroken”, featuring Robse of the German power metal band Equilibrium. The track impressively represents the quintessence of their upcoming album – the unmistakable, honest message is to stand up for yourself and fight all demons, no matter what your life throws at you. Crematory remain themselves and draw in new listeners with their renowned brutality and expressive strength. Robse’s forceful and raspy growls mixed with Felix Stass’ remarkable voice underline this proper blackness in an industrial guise. The standout track proves that Crematory is still at the top of the scene and highlights the bold message: Unbroken – we still keep on fighting. Watch the video for “Unbroken” here: ... ode=opaque
  Crematory on the new single: “Unbroken is a tribute and a thanks to our loyal fans, who have been supporting and encouraging us for over 29 years. Playing in a band is like being in a relationship – there will always be ups and downs and you have to solve all that to become stronger than ever!” The post Crematory remains Unbroken appeared first on Stargazed Magazine.

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