Sylosis – Cycle Of Suffering

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Sylosis – Cycle Of Suffering

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8/10 Anger exists in many forms. There is wild and primitive blind rage, an overly consuming anger that does not want to leave anything but havoc in its backwater. There is also the anger, that comes from bitter grief, which manifests itself in a defeat, that is diffucult to swallow. Then there is the cold, raw and calculating anger, which leads to emmediate retaliation. The lead singles ‘I Sever’ and ‘Calcified’ served as the perfect introduction to Sylosis, which comes from Reading. Great bold riffs, intense drums and vocals presented in anger. With guitar playing so fantastic that it would make the most experienced guitarist blush. That’s just the singles. However, the album opener “Empty Prophets” did not make the same impact as the singles released before it, not until I read the lyrics which I think have a much deeper meaning, after reflection. Every song on this album is fast, hard and angry. It is the pedal to the metal and no foot on the brake. “Devils In Their Eyes” is a speed train on the way to a collision, “Arms Like A Noose” is a disguised ballad that kicks into a jab. Almos as the purest form of trash metal retrieved from bay area, San Francisco. Image This record is a love child with four skilled musicians who play their best as individuals and come together to produce a tangled music album. As a frontman, rhythm / lead guitarist Josh Middleton, is synonymous with Sylosis, for good reason. His attitude to songwriting in terms of riffs, divisions, solo and all-inclusive arrangements is presently world-class. Sylosis may have created their Magnum Opus with “Cycle of Suffering”. An almost perfect example of composition of old-school thrash influenced by emotion, with razor-sharp focused lyrics and state-of-the-art production. Image ... fV0-2xAFsw
Artist: Sylosis
Title: Cycle Of Suffering
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 7/2-20
Rating: 8/10
Length: 50 minutes
Stand out tracks: “Apex Of Disdain” The post Sylosis – Cycle Of Suffering appeared first on Stargazed Magazine.

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