Demons & Wizards – III

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Demons & Wizards – III

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9/10 Was it worth waiting 15 years for a third album? This is a valid question one must ask of oneself. For me, who think that the first 2 (“Demons & Wizards” & “Touched by the Crimson King”) are two average albums at best, the answer is a huge YES!! I do enjoy a fair dose of both Iced Earth and Blind Guardian and have done so for quite a few years. I remember the anticipation before the first 2 albums came out. I was hoping for an energetic mix of “Valhalla” & “Damian”….. I was disappointed to say the least. Both albums are ok to listen to but they did not leave a mark in my memory really. With the third release, everything about this collaboration has stepped up in a big way. The songs are more or less of an epic proportion. Everything is bigger, better and there is more purpose throughout. I love the big songs of Iced Earth, like “Damian” and “Dante´s Inferno”. I think that these two numbers are suitable to use as reference when it comes to showing how much Demons & Wizards have grown during the 15 years of album silence. Songs on this album are well written, well arranged and all with high quality. Harmonies, choirs, tempo, ambience and a mood that is set from the start with the 8-minute track “Diabolic”. From there we just go on a most purposeful journey of great songs through the album. Everything about this album is a few levels above what they have produced previous. There is purpose in the delivery of the songs, Hansi Kürsch singing with a higher level of commitment than I have heard him do for a while. John Schaffer´s arrangement for songs and the aura surrounding the same are blistering throughout the album. To decide what song I like the most is not that easy, but I must settle for the epic conclusion of “III”; “Children of Cain”. This is epic, with epic proportion of delivery. The song that lasts 10:07 does not have a boring second in it. I mentioned it classes as epic did I not? In the press bio the following is written; “This third album is the peak of our career for sure. Mark my words, you will love this album!” Sir´s; I do agree! Wholeheartedly. Image Band: Demons & Wizards
Title: III
Label: Century Media
Date of release: 2020-02-21
Rate: 9/10
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