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It was supposed to be 11 new songs from British Metal-heads but it turned out to be a 4 song EP. In the shitstorm that is Corona, we all must adapt.

Bury Tomorrow is a band that has a purpose. There is an idea and theme with the music. Heavily engaged in mental Health awareness, the album was meant to be (and still will be when released) “Cannibal”. Referring to being eaten by your own thoughts or eaten away by other people, it is food for thought.
The advantage of staying at just 4 songs is that the intensity is immense. This is a hard piledriver of an EP.
The band mixes growl and clean singing. In most cases not my cup of tea. But doing research for this album by listening through previous releases I find myself not getting annoyed or phasing out as is the normal procedure.
The raw energy is present from the first tone of “Better Below” and does not stop at all. The balance between the growl and the deeply emotional clean singing is very nice, indeed.
This is a good example of you putting yourself and your person inside your own music. This does not work all the time, but I have a great respect for artists that can relay their own investment in their music. That the theme and lyrics are based on experience and acquired knowledge fells genuine.
“Cannibal” that is the standout track out of the four has lovely melodies all throughout the song. The overpowering field of keyboard in the chorus feels like it is taken straight out of the soundtrack from “Top gun”. It resembles a film score. I can not identify the origin, but “Top Gun” is what I think when hearing it.
“Choke” has all the possibilities to be a future crowd pleaser. Jump friendly drums and shift in tempo together with a catchy chorus that bargain for just that.
All in all, this is a 4-song pack of pure frustration and energy. And for a band that seems so be wanting to create music based on their own experience and projection of emotions, they have done a good job. I do hope that when the whole album is released that it can keep the same tempo all the way through. Image https://open.spotify.com/album/0TsUv8P8 ... 1w3E_gIsGg

Band: Bury Tomorrow
Title: Better Below
Label: Music For Nations/Sony
Date of release: 2020-04-03
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Cannibal
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