Freddy And The Phantoms to release new album

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Freddy And The Phantoms to release new album

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Danish retro-blues-rock quartet Freddy And The Phantoms will release their new album, “A Universe From Nothing”, on April 24th. On their fifth album the band embark on a new epic chapter in the history they have been writing over the past decade. The door to the future is open and the band now finds itself in a dystopian and dangerous universe, where the threat of doom is constantly lurking in the shadows. There is no easy answer to the highly conceptual new album, which has been inspired by both Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, and the world’s current climate crisis. These heavy themes have also resulted in a heavier and tougher musical expression. A musical transformation that has sent the band into a heavy and scifi-rock universe, but without leaving their basic DNA of blues music behind. Lead singer Frederik Schnoor comments: “In order to devise the album, we have drawn on other musical and literary expressions than previously, looking both forwards and backwards in time for inspiration. Bach, Sabbath, Dio, Mastodon and Rival Sons, just to name a handful, have all pointed us in this new direction. Basically, we feel that right now we have found our own sound and niche, and because we don’t try to sound like a certain decade anymore, I feel that we have become more timeless than ever.” Image           The band plays a release concert in Copenhagen on April the 24th, venue TBA, FATP is already booked for this year’s Jelling Festival and will play summer concerts as well as a fall tour in Denmark – soon to be announced. LINE-UP:
Frederik “Freddy” Schnoor: Vocal and Guitar.
Rune René Hansen: Drums, Perc. Bc. vocal
Anders Haahr: Organ, Keys, Clavinet, Mellotron, Bc. vocal
Mads Wilken: Bass, bc. vocal. The post Freddy And The Phantoms to release new album appeared first on Stargazed Magazine.

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