Doojiman & The Exploders – Electric Boogaloo

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Doojiman & The Exploders – Electric Boogaloo

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7/10 Stockholm rockers Doojiman & The Exploders came into my life with a bang at a small and intimate festival in the forests of northern Sweden. They really blew my mind with their dazzling display of high octane rock and roll mixed with almost a punk-ish attitude whilst performing their catchy songs with a fiery passion. I don’t think I have to tell you, but I’ve been a fan ever since. The music Doojiman & The Exploders play is pretty basic action rock with straight forward garage vibe songs, which we all of course know and love. On the first and very solid release “Watch Out! Look out!” from 2015, Doojiman & The Exploders combined early The Hellacopters with classic acts like Iggy & The Stooges. Short and effective songs with loads and loads of attitude plus an ever present feeling of that almost every song could be a hit single. Fitting enough, the bands first full length album from 2016 was actually called “Sweden’s Newest Hit Makers” and just like on the previous release Doojiman & The Exploders continued to be Swedens very own illegitimate love child between The Ramones and Norwegian death punk heroes Turbonegro. They really built on the EP and progressed even further on their path, so I was with no doubt excited for the new album. So, here we are four years after the latest record and now it’s time for “Electric Boogaloo”. When I heard the opening song “Out Of My Mind”, my imidiate feeling was that it sounded a bit more melodic than their previous stuff. Besides the presence of more prominent melodies, it also sounded a little more relaxed. Less American punk rock and more Swedish indie rock in the vein of perhaps early Caesars (Palace). The hit potential was still there, but in a more classic commercial way than what was the a bit more raw punk rock feeling of the two earlier releases. Same goes for the second song “What For?”. On the third song, “Buzzkill”, I start to recognize the old Doojiman & The Exploders again and there are a few songs more in this style as well, for the fans of early Doojiman. “Dumb”, “Milk” and “”You Wanted Blood”, for example. These ones too are a bit more polished and poppy than what you got on the earlier stuff, but that is the overall vibe of the album as well. At first I was a bit disappointed, I have to admit. I loved the punky no nonsense in your face rock on the previous records, so this new and more melodic sound took quite a few spins to get used to. However, I learned to very much appriciate the more breezy songs like “Superman” or “29”. You can’t deny high quality song writing like this and there is no doubt that these guys are extremely talented in multiple styles of rock music. I also have to compliment on the very good and often funny tongue in cheek lyrics althrough the album, but especially on a song like “Dogs”. It’s simple but still genius in all of its uncomplicated glory. Makes me think of another Swedish band, namely Viagra Boys and their often brilliant themes. “Electric Boogaloo” is a lot more diverse than the previous stuff from Doojiman & The Exploders, but while it may contain less of the raw punk rock we’ve gotten to know these guys for, it also contains a lot more different styles, so something for everybody can really be found on this album. Doojiman & The Exploders are on their way to finding their own identity and this is a big step forward artistically since they really are trying their wings in many different aspects. The different styles however makes the album as a whole feel a bit divided, but there is no question that “Electric Boogaloo” contains lots of good songs and that Doojiman & The Exploders are a band to really keep an eye on in the future as well. PS. I tip my imaginary hat for the excellent choice of “FTPA” by Peaches as a cover song. Well done, gentlemen! Image ... ex-MphMq4Q
Artist: Doojiman & The Exploders
Title: Electric Boogaloo
Label: Beluga Records
Date of release: 24/1-20
Time: 31.30
Rating: 7/10
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